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Are you hoping to pass the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) and get accepted into one of India’s top engineering schools? For individualized and successful home tutoring for JEE preparation, look no further than ShriJi Home Tuitions. Our staff of knowledgeable and committed tutors offers thorough study materials, frequent evaluations, and individualized attention to make sure you are well-prepared for difficult tests. Join us right now and let us help you on the path to achieving your goal of becoming an engineer. Our goal is to equip students with the knowledge, abilities, and self-assurance they need to succeed in the fiercely competitive JEE environment.

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JEE Coaching:

A very tough engineering admission exam is the Joint Admission Examination (JEE), which is held in India. It acts as a point of entry for enrollment in a variety of undergraduate engineering programs provided by esteemed organizations like the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs), National Institutes of Technology (NITs), Indian Institutes of Information Technology (IIITs), and other government-funded technical institutions.

The JEE primarily consists of two parts:

  • JEE Main: The National Testing Agency (NTA) administers JEE Main, the first phase of the test. It acts as the prerequisite test for the JEE Advanced. Twice a year, typically in January and April, JEE Main is administered. The test is administered in two formats: Paper 1 for courses in B.E./B. Tech and Paper 2 for courses in B.Arch and B.Planning. The majority of the topics from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are covered in JEE Main questions.


  • JEE Advanced: The second phase of the test, JEE Advanced, is periodically administered by one of the IITs. To take the JEE Advanced exam, a student must have a JEE Main score that falls within a particular percentile. The more difficult JEE Advanced exam gauges candidates’ capacity for conceptual thinking and problem-solving. It comprises two papers, Paper 1 and Paper 2, and the questions on them usually come from the fields of physics, chemistry, and maths.


The hard and challenging JEE syllabus, which includes material from the three core courses of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, is well renowned for it. Due to the scarcity of seats at the best engineering schools, the exam is renowned for its difficulty and is extremely competitive.

For students hoping to study engineering at prestigious Indian institutions, performing well on the JEE is essential. The test is the result of several months of diligent study, careful planning, and a solid grasp of the essential ideas. In order to perform well on the JEE and gain admission to their preferred engineering degrees, many candidates choose coaching and intense preparation.

There have been discussions in recent years about changes to the JEE examination pattern, including the potential for holding the test more than once annually to provide students more chances to perform to their potential. However, the format and structure of the JEE examination may have changed after my previous update in September 2021, thus it’s advised to consult the official JEE website or pertinent sources for the most up-to-date information.

A Complete Guide to Demystifying the Joint Entrance Examination

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), which opens doors to the most esteemed technical colleges in India, is the apex of entrance tests for engineers in that nation. This book strives to explain everything about JEE, whether you’re a student preparing for JEE or a parent navigating this difficult procedure.

IIT JEE Students

Knowledge of the JEE Ecosystem

JEE Advanced vs. Main

JEE ( Main + Advanced )
  • JEE Main: The National Testing Agency (NTA) administers JEE Main, which serves as the initial qualifying round. It decides JEE Advanced eligibility.
  • JEE Advanced: Entry to the prestigious Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) is available through JEE Advanced. Only the best JEE Main performers advance to this level.

Subjects and Curriculum

Road Map to Crack IIT JEE 2024
  • The core topics are mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Success depends on having a thorough understanding of these topics.
  • The JEE syllabus is similar to the senior secondary school curriculum but calls for a greater comprehension of ideas.

The Strategy For Getting Into JEE

  • Beginning Early:Foundation is Important: The foundation for success in the JEE is laid early on in school when solid principles are developed.
  • Act of Balancing:School Curriculum and JEE Prep: It’s critical to strike a balance between academics in the classroom and JEE preparation.
  • Effective Planning:Coaching or Self-Study: For structured instruction, many choose coaching institutes, but with the correct materials, self-study can also be successful. 
  • Mock Tests and Previous Year Papers: Practicing with these is essential for acclimatizing to the exam pattern.
  • Conceptual Knowledge: Depth over Breadth: JEE questions frequently delve deeply into ideas, therefore prioritize full comprehension over cursory familiarity.
  • Management of time: Planning Is Crucial Make a study plan that balances all of the subjects. Spend more time on areas that need it. Regular Breaks: Breaks are important for memory retention. Avoid spending hours and hours studying. 
  • Maintaining Health:Sleep and Diet: To retain attention and mental clarity, it’s imperative to get enough sleep and eat a healthy diet.

Navigating JEE Main

Eligibility: Understanding the eligibility requirements will help you avoid hitting unforeseen obstacles. Exam Format: Select the proper paper from Papers 1 and 2 based on your area of interest.
Ranking and Scoring NTA uses a normalization procedure to determine scores because JEE Main is administered more than once.

Eligibility for JEE Advanced

Top Percentile in JEE Main: JEE Advanced is only open to JEE Main's top performers. IITs: The Ultimate Goal: Making an informed selection about your preferences for a branch and an institute requires considerable research.

Why Choose Shriji Home Tuitions?

At ShriJi Home Tuitions, we’re more than just tutors; we’re dedicated mentors committed to nurturing your child’s dreams. Here’s why our home tuition for JEE stands out:

Experienced and Skilled Faculty

Skilled and Experienced Faculty

Our esteemed faculty members are not just educators; they are mentors with years of experience in shaping young minds. They possess in-depth knowledge of the JEE syllabus and are skilled at simplifying complex concepts, ensuring that students grasp them easily. Additionally, they provide personalized attention and guidance to each student, identifying their strengths and weaknesses to help them excel in their JEE preparations. With a focus on IIT-JEE coaching, our faculty members specialize in math, physics, and chemistry, offering top-notch guidance to help your child excel.

Supportive, individualized teaching staff

Supportive Personalised Faculty

We understand that each student is unique. That's why we provide personalized attention and support to address your child's individual needs, learning pace, and areas for improvement. Our faculty members are experienced and skilled in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each student, allowing them to tailor their guidance and support accordingly. This personalized approach ensures that your child receives the specific help they need to excel in their JEE preparations and reach their full potential. Our faculties serve as personal mentors, ensuring no question goes unanswered.

Give Your Child the Best Care & Education

Care and Education

We believe that every child deserves the best care and education. Our holistic approach goes beyond academics, nurturing overall development to build confident, capable individuals ready to conquer challenges. In addition to academic support, we also provide guidance in developing essential life skills such as time management, problem-solving, and critical thinking. By fostering a well-rounded education, we empower students to not only succeed in their JEE preparations but also thrive in all aspects of their lives.

How It Works?

Booking home tuition with ShriJi Home Tuitions is a breeze. With just three simple steps, you can access the education your child deserves. First, visit our website and fill out the online registration form with your contact information and your child’s educational needs. Then, our team will match you with a qualified tutor who specializes in the subject areas your child requires assistance in. Finally, schedule a convenient time for the tutor to come to your home and begin the personalized learning journey for your child. With ShriJi Home Tuitions, providing quality education for your child has never been easier. 

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Enjoy the convenience of a free demo of home tuition tailored to your schedule and your child’s learning needs. During the demo, our experienced tutor will assess your child’s strengths and weaknesses to create a customized learning plan. This personalized approach ensures that your child receives the necessary support and guidance to excel academically.

Why do you need our top-notch Home tuition for JEE?

Our skilled faculty members are the best in JEE coaching, providing thorough advice in math, physics, and chemistry to prepare students for success on medical entrance exams. We offer career counseling services in addition to academic support so that JEE candidates can explore several career options and make well-informed judgments regarding their future. We provide home tuition for JEE students in an effort to empower them and raise their prospects of obtaining successful professions in the medical field by fusing academic quality with individualized assistance.

Here's why ShriJi Home Tuitions is the perfect choice for your child's JEE preparation:

With a history going back to 2010, we have a faculty of more than 250 seasoned and highly prepared professors to support us. Our instructors have a track record of assisting students in earning the highest results possible on the JEE exam, so you can be sure that your child will get the best coaching and support possible. Additionally, by tailoring our instruction to each student individually, we can address their particular areas of weakness and increase their chances of succeeding in the medical sector.

We recognize your worries. We offer a totally free, no-obligation demonstration of home tutoring as a result. You’ll be able to see first-hand how our expertise is put to use teachers interact with your child and adapt their teaching strategies to suit their needs during the demo. This enables you to decide for yourself whether our tutoring services are the best fit for your child’s academic development.  Before committing, get a feel for our instructional strategies.

Our specialized training is adapted to the needs of each student. Specific learning requirements of your kid, make education a dynamic and efficient process. Every student, in our opinion, possesses distinctive strengths and areas for improvement, and our individualized approach enables us to pinpoint and specifically treat these areas. Every student receives a customized learning experience because of the way our teaching strategies are developed.

In addition to academic excellence, we provide personalized mentoring and direction to ensure your child’s overall development. To help kids develop crucial life skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication, our committed team of educators and mentors works closely with them. We are aware of the significance of promoting their psychological health and cultivating a positive outlook in order to promote their overall growth. Our goal is to develop individuals who are successful in all facets of life.

Matching the individual needs and preferred learning styles of each student, our tutoring strategy is tailored and flexible. We work hard to foster an environment that is nurturing and encouraging so that your students can succeed academically and realize their full potential. By identifying each student’s unique needs and adapting our instruction to meet those needs, we aim to develop champions.

FAQs - Home tuition for JEE

What exactly does the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) mean?

For admission to prominent engineering schools like the IITs and NITs, candidates must pass the JEE exam. The JEE exam is considered one of the most competitive and challenging exams in India. It evaluates a candidate’s knowledge and problem-solving skills in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. The exam is conducted in two stages – JEE Main and JEE Advanced, with only the top performers advancing to the latter stage. 

What distinguishes JEE Main from JEE Advanced?

The prerequisite for JEE Advanced, which results in admission to IITs, is JEE Main. While the IITs organize JEE Advanced, the NTA administers JEE Main.

How do I strike a balance between my academic work and JEE preparation?

Give understanding more weight than memorization. Make time aside from your usual studies to prepare for the JEE. Understanding the concepts and principles behind the topics you are studying is crucial for success in the JEE. Instead of simply memorizing formulas and facts, focus on grasping the underlying logic and reasoning. Additionally, allocate dedicated time outside of your regular study schedule to specifically target JEE preparation. This will allow you to delve deeper into challenging topics, practice solving complex problems, and enhance your overall performance in the exam. 

Do I need to join a coaching for JEE prep?

While coaching can offer organized direction, effective self-study using top-notch materials is also possible.

What are the requirements for JEE Main eligibility?

Age restrictions, the number of attempts, and educational requirements are among the eligibility requirements. Understanding this is essential before applying.

How does the JEE Main scoring and ranking system work?

Since JEE Main is administered more than once, the NTA applies a normalization procedure to determine scores. This guarantees objectivity when comparing grades.

How should I get ready for JEE Advanced now that I've passed JEE Main?

To succeed in JEE Advanced, pay deep attention to learning concepts, tackle difficult questions, and practice the previous year’s papers.

What happens next if you pass the JEE Advanced?

You will take part in the JoSAA counseling procedure for seat allocation in IITs and other prestigious engineering colleges after passing JEE Advanced.

What is the IIT lifestyle that students live, after getting admission in IIT?

Education, extracurricular activities, and more In an IIT, success goes beyond the classroom. Join clubs, do sports, and do other things.