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We at Shriji Home Tuitions are aware of the importance of high-quality education in determining a child’s future. As the leading provider of home tuition in India, we are dedicated to providing your child with the best direction and individualized support to enable them to realize their academic aspirations. We provide thorough learning programs crafted to meet the individual needs and learning preferences of each student thanks to our staff of highly qualified and experienced tutors. Our engaging teaching strategies and frequent progress reviews make sure that your child gets the support and tools they require to succeed in their academics.

NEET Coaching:

What is it?

“NEET” stands for “Not in Education, Employment, or Training.” The NEET category typically includes individuals who have finished their formal education, such as high school or college, but have not pursued further studies, entered the workforce, or undertaken any kind of job training program. These individuals may find themselves in a state of disengagement from the traditional pathways of education and employment.

Governments and policymakers often pay attention to the NEET population as it may be an indicator of challenges in the economy or education system. Strategies and programs are sometimes designed to support NEET individuals by providing them with educational opportunities, job training, or assistance in finding employment.

It is essential to address the needs of NEET individuals to ensure their well-being and to promote a productive and engaged workforce. Encouraging access to education, skill-building, and meaningful employment opportunities can play a crucial role in reducing the number of NEET individuals in society.


The introduction of NEET aimed to simplify the application procedure for dentistry and medical programs in India. Prior to NEET, a variety of governments and institutions held numerous medical entrance tests, which complicated the selection process and led to inequities. No matter where a candidate is from, NEET was created to offer a consistent and fair evaluation process. By implementing NEET, the Indian government sought to standardize the evaluation criteria for all medical aspirants, ensuring a level playing field. This move also aimed to streamline the admission process and reduce corruption and favoritism that may have existed in the previous system.

NEET eligibility criteria:

Candidates must meet specific qualifying requirements in order to take the NEET exam:

● Age Requirement

To be admitted, a candidate must be at least 17 years old or have reached that age by December 31 of the admission year, whichever comes first.

● Academic Requirements

Candidates must have passed their 10+2 or equivalent exam with a core curriculum of Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Biotechnology, and English. Additionally, they must receive a minimum overall score of 50% on the qualifying test (40% for SC, ST, and OBC applicants).

IIT JEE Students

NEET exam pattern for 2024-2025:

Open Book

The NEET paper-and-pencil test is a comprehensive examination that assesses knowledge in the fields of physics, chemistry, and biology. It is designed to evaluate a candidate’s understanding of these subjects and their ability to apply concepts to real-world scenarios. The exam duration of three hours allows students ample time to carefully answer the 180 multiple-choice questions and showcase their proficiency in these areas.

One paper with 180 multiple-choice questions makes up the NEET paper-and-pencil test. The NEET paper-and-pencil test is a standardized examination used for admissions into medical and dental colleges in India. The test is known for its rigorous nature and is considered a crucial step for aspiring medical professionals in the country. Three sections make up the exam:

  • 45 questions in physics
  • 45 questions about chemistry
  • 90 questions in biology (including botany and zoology)

Every right response receives four points, while every wrong response receives one point less. Three hours are allotted for the exam.

Is there a maximum Number Of Attempts For The NEET Exam?

The former Medical Council of India (now, the National Medical Commission) had set a maximum attempt limit of three when the NEET was first introduced as the only exam for admittance into medicine-related courses in 2017. There are currently no limits on the number of NEET exam tries after the attempt limit was lifted the very next year.

How many students take the NEET examination?

More than 18 lac candidates take the extremely competitive NEET exam to compete for about 91,927 MBBS and 27,498 BDS seats available in India.

The following were the NEET 2022 statistics:

NEET Syllabus

NEET Syllubus

Topics from classes 11 and 12 of the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) curriculum are included in the NEET syllabus. The syllabus is developed to evaluate students’ knowledge and comprehension of these topics, ensuring that they are adequately prepared for the medical entrance exam. It covers a variety of topics, such as:

  • Physics includes mechanics, optics, thermodynamics, and more.
  • Chemistry includes physical, organic, and inorganic components.
  • Biology includes zoology and botany.

NEET Preparation

NEET Preparation

The best way to prepare for the NEET is with a well-organized study strategy, thorough study materials, and consistent practice. Here are some pointers to assist in NEET preparation:

  • Understanding the Syllabus: To make a targeted study strategy, familiarize yourself with the NEET syllabus and exam format.
  • Quality Study Materials: To help you prepare, pick the appropriate books, internet resources, and study aids.
  • Regular practice is essential: To better your time management and determine your progress, solve previous year’s test questions and take mock exams.
  • Proper guidance: Consider enrolling in a coaching program or asking knowledgeable mentors for advice.

NEET Application Process

Follow these procedures to submit an application for NEET:
● Registration: Go to the official NTA NEET website and finish the registration by entering the necessary information.
● Apply by completing the form: Give accurate information on the online application form, attach a photo of yourself, and sign your name.
● Confirmation page download: Save the confirmation page for later use after a successful submission.

NEET Admit Card

For qualified candidates, the NTA provides admit cards. Candidates must have these admission cards in order to take the NEET exam. They provide crucial details like the candidate's roll number, information on the testing center, and guidelines for the test day. Using your application number and password, you can access the official NEET website to download your admission card.

NEET Results and Counselling

Several weeks following the test, the NEET results are often released. You can take part in the counseling procedure and dentistry universities to gain admission based on your NEET counseling are given the chance to select your favorite colleges and courses during the counseling process depending on your NEET counseling allocation, document verification, and fee payment are all part of the counseling procedure to ensure admission to the preferred college.

Why Choose Shriji Home Tuitions?

Experienced and Skilled Faculty

Experienced and Skilled Faculty

Our team of professors is made up of outstanding teachers with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their fields. They are committed to giving your child the best possible educational experience. Our staff members not only have strong academic backgrounds, but they are also excellent communicators and teachers, ensuring that your child will effectively transfer knowledge and understand it. With their knowledge, they can determine your child's particular learning needs and adjust the teaching strategies accordingly, encouraging individualized growth and development.

Supportive, individualized teaching staff

Supportive, individualized teaching staff

We are aware that every child is different and has specific needs when it comes to learning. Your child will receive individualized attention and guidance from our supportive and individualized faculty, fostering a deeper understanding of the subjects. Our staff members have received training in how to foster a welcoming environment where your child feels free to express their ideas and ask questions. They are committed to giving your child the support and inspiration they need to succeed in school so that they can realize their full potential.

Give Your Child the Best Care & Education

Give Your Child the Best Care & Education

We think it's important to nurture children's minds and give them the education they deserve. Our enthusiastic teachers are dedicated to fostering a supportive learning environment for your child's overall development. We value individualized instruction and work to meet your child's specific learning requirements. We hope to instill a lifelong love of learning through our in-depth curriculum and effective teaching strategies.

How to Get the Best Home Instruction

How to Get the Best Home Instruction

A free demo can be scheduled in a few easy steps. Find out how the academic development of your child can be impacted by our exceptional teaching methodology. Our knowledgeable and skilled tutors are committed to offering your child individualized guidance and support so they can realize their full potential. Don't pass up the chance to provide your child with the best education imaginable. To see the difference our home tuition can make in your child's academic success, request a free demo today.

How It Works?

If you’ve been looking for home tuitions for neet then you should visit Shriji Home Tuitions, a place where excellence and education collide. Shriji Home Tuitions offers professional tutoring services designed to each student’s individual requirements. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced tutors is committed to assisting students in achieving academic success. Shriji Home Tuitions is here to support you every step of the way, whether you need assistance with a particular subject or want to enhance your overall academic performance. 

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NEET students with Teachers in Classroom

Why do you need our top-notch Home tuition for NEET?

Our experienced faculty excels in NEET coaching, offering comprehensive guidance in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry, equipping students to excel in medical entrance exams. In addition to academic support, we also provide career counseling services to help NEET individuals explore various career paths and make informed decisions about their future. By combining academic excellence with personalized guidance, we aim to empower NEET students and increase their chances of securing successful careers in the medical field by providing home tuition for NEET.

Here are some common reasons why you'd opt for Shriji Home tuition for NEET:

  • Exam Preparation for a Competitive Exam: The entrance exam for medical and dental colleges, NEET, is extremely competitive. Intense competition and a lengthy syllabus. In order to effectively prepare for the exam, home tuition for NEET enables students to obtain a well-structured and organized study schedule, access to top-notch study resources, and professional advice
  • In-depth Syllabus Coverage: NEET includes topics from biology, chemistry, and physics in its comprehensive syllabus (botany and zoology). The size of the syllabus may be overwhelming for some students, so our home tuition for NEET divides it into manageable chunks while making sure that all pertinent subjects are covered promptly.
Our NEET Students
  • Doubt-clearing Sessions: Students can speak with faculty members one-on-one during our home tuition for NEET to clarify their doubts and pose questions. This individualized attention can be very helpful in resolving academic issues and developing a solid understanding of the subjects.
  • Highly Qualified Faculty: The instructors at home tuition for NEET facilities are frequently skilled and knowledgeable experts who are familiar with the syllabus and exam format. These professors can offer insightful advice, time-saving techniques, and strategies to help students become better problem solvers and raise their chances of succeeding
  • Mock tests and practice exams: To evaluate the student’s level of preparation and pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses, frequent practice and mock exams are imperative. Regular tests are administered by our home tuition for NEET to aid students in learning the format of the exam and honing their time management abilities.

FAQs - Home tuition for NEET

Welcome to our ultimate FAQ guide on Home Tuition for NEET 2024. Get all the answers you need for successful NEET preparation, whether you’re a student or a concerned parent. Let’s get started

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What is NEET?

NEET, or the National Eligibility and Entrance Test, is a nationwide entrance test for undergraduate medical and dental programs in India.

Who conducts NEET?

The NEET test is administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA) on behalf of the Indian Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

What are the eligibility criteria for NEET?

Candidates must be at least 17 years old, have finished their 10+2 in the subjects of biology, chemistry, physics, and English, and earn an overall grade point average of at least 50%.

How can I apply for NEET?

By accessing the official NTA NEET website, signing up, completing the application form, and paying the required fee, you can submit an application for NEET.

What is the exam pattern of NEET?

180 multiple-choice questions covering physics, chemistry, and biology (botany and zoology) are included in the NEET exam’s single paper. The right response receives four marks.

Is there a negative marking in NEET?

Yes, one point is subtracted for each wrong response. There are no points deducted for unanswered questions, though.

What is the validity of the NEET score?

For the specific academic session in which the exam is held, the NEET result is only good for one year.

How is NEET counseling conducted?

Choice-making, seat selection, document vetting, and reporting to the designated college are all aspects of NEET counseling. Your NEET rank will determine it.

How can I prepare effectively for NEET?

Understanding the material, organizing your studies, practicing frequently, and getting advice from knowledgeable mentors are all essential components of effective NEET preparation.

What is the importance of NEET in medical admissions?

In India, NEET is used as the main entrance test for undergraduate programs in medicine and dentistry. For all candidates, it offers a standardized evaluation process.

What benefit does choosing ShriJi Home Tuition tutoring offer?

In order to ensure efficient NEET preparation, ShriJi offers individualized, one-on-one coaching with skilled instructors, suited to the student’s pace and demands.

How can I begin receiving ShriJi Home Tuitions' NEET home lessons?

Contact us at +91 9079015502 to get started by outlining your precise needs. We’ll help you with the free demo session scheduling procedure.

Who are the NEET coaching tutors at ShriJi Home Tuitions?

Our tutors excel in NEET preparation and have years of expertise. For success, they bring knowledge in fields like biology, chemistry, and physics.

What distinguishes ShriJi Home Tuitions as a NEET coaching company?

We offer individualized care, all-around growth, and a positive learning environment. Our knowledgeable tutors are dedicated to transforming each student into a NEET champion.

ShriJi Home Tuitions offer a flexible schedule for NEET home lessons?

Absolutely. We are aware of the time constraints facing students. Sessions can be scheduled at times that work for both the student and the tutor thanks to our flexible scheduling.