Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


  • A student or parent undertakes to register for the Shriji Home Tuitions service, always using accurate and current information about himself/herself – including name, email ID, mobile number etc.

  • During posting or tuition requirement students should enter as much details as possible for better responses from tutors and institutes.

  • Students or Parents should check tuition profile privacy settings properly to avoid unwanted calls on their mobiles from prospective tutors and institutes.

  • Both student and tutor can ask to verify each other’s addresses and residential details before making any direct payments between themselves.

  • Students or Parents are requested not to make a huge advance payment if you do not know the tutor properly or do not have complete proof of his/her current/permanent contact details.

  • Shriji Home Tuitions does not guarantee the tutoring quality and style as a tutor. Student acknowledges that it is his/her responsibility to verify the credentials and qualifications of any tutor with whom s/he enters into or proposes to enter into a tuition contract.

  • Students or parents should understand that tutors are not our employees and we cannot take responsibility for verifying their backgrounds and behaviors. Shriji Home Tuitions is just an online marketplace where tutors and institutes can advertise their services.

  • No Tutor can guarantee good grades; therefore, grade you get cannot be a reason for student to come back at a later time and demand refund for services.

  • Student/parent should use caution, good judgment and proper language when leaving a Review for a Tutor. What you post will be a permanent part of that tutor’s record. Please restrict your review to a Tutor’s teaching-related skills (communication skills, knowledge, patience, clarity etc.)

  • Shriji Home Tuitions is not responsible for any students who are paying the fees to the trainers and it is solely their responsibility as they need to understand that trainers are not the employees of Shriji Home Tuitions.

  • We are not involved in any kind of interactions that takes place between the tutors and students, and hence is not liable for any dispute or disagreement or misinterpretations or arguments arising between the parents / students and the tutors. The parents / students and the Tutors are however free to take feedback and suggestions from us to solve the issue amicably.

  • Student is expected to conduct himself in a Student like manner which is generally expected and regarded as ideal Student behavior prevalent in education stream.

  • Shriji Home Tuitions would not be liable to offer any compensation or damages of any nature to Student if Shriji Home Tuitions deactivates a Tutor account or if Tutor discontinues /chooses to not extended tutor sessions.

  • Students should take enough care and make an intuitive decision before taking up an assignment to avoid any kind of repercussions. Shriji Home Tuitions would not be responsible and liable for any such unforeseen and unfortunate event including but not limited to bodily injury, sexual or mental harassment of any nature, if any.